Using primarily the hot-forming method, Petrol Raccord manufactures seamless and welded fittings up to 56”, almost without wall thickness limitations, in stainless steel, duplex, superduplex, 6Mo and nickel alloys. In addition, thanks to its level of expertise, an increasing part of production is dedicated to special/customised fittings, including flow and barred tees, “Y” pieces, laterals, manifolds and headers.

As a result of its long-standing experience in the industry, Petrol Raccord also supplies carbon and alloy steel butt weld fittings for power plants (P5, P9, P11, P22, P91 and P92).



Stainless steel & special alloys

long/short radius elbows

seamless  1” (33.4 mm) > 42” (1066.8 mm) 
welded 4” (114.3 mm) > 56” (1422.0 mm)

tees / reducers / caps

seamless   1” (33.4 mm) > 56” (1422.0 mm) 
welded 4” (114.3 mm) > 56” (1422.0 mm)

Fittings can be produced in any wall thickness.
Welded items can be manufactured with one or two longitudinal welds that are located on the opposite side of the branch for tees and on the neutral axis for elbows.
For elbows, the two longitudinal welds are located on the inner and outer radius (intrados and extrados).

Special items

  • according to customer drawings 
  • elbows (bends) - radius 2.5D / 3D / 4D / 5D / 10D other special radius & long tangent elbows
  • equal & reducing crosses
  • equal & reducing laterals 
  • flow tees & barred tees
  • nuclear class 1 items
  • reducing elbows
  • reinforcement saddles
  • seamless & fabricated pieces for furnaces, manifolds & headers
  • "Y" pieces

For all kinds of unusual dimensions, calculation requirements and special materials, Petrol Raccord can offer full commercial, technical and manufacturing support.

Latest developments

Petrol Raccord is now regularly manufacturing welded elbows in two halves, sch. 10s and above, from sheets and plates in stainless up to nickel alloys and titanium. Extensive investments in tooling, welding lines, machinery and welding engineer/qualified welders have been made available shortly afterwards the acquisition. Ex-stock availability for sheets/plates up to 50 mm thickness in duplex, superduplex, 6Mo and titanium can guarantee short delivery times.

The complete range of elbows (as well as tees, reducers and caps) are qualified to NORSOK M-650 ED.4.